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English - वर्णनात्मक नोंदी


विषय :-English

🔰इयत्ता पहिली ते आठवी  वर्णनात्मक नोंदी 🔰


🔶Solves the written Activity with confience.

🔶Copy the Letters and words correctly.

🔶Read aloud from textbook

🔶Write correctly on one line

🔶 Listen with concentration

🔶Read the poem in rhythm

🔶 Read and act accordingly

🔶 Read the part in dialougs with understanding

🔶 Write the answer of questions

🔶 Take part in language game

🔶 Read silently by understanding

🔶 Recite with enjoys poems and songs

🔶 Give responses in various contexts

🔶 identify commonly used words

🔶Rearrange the story events

🔶 Enjoy the rhythm and understand

🔶 Take the dictation of familiar words

🔶Read english daily newspaper

🔶Takes active participation in all classroom activities.

🔶 Reads aloud with proper pronunciation.

🔶participates in conversations.

🔶 Copy the given text in four lines correctly.

🔶 sings the poems with action and proper rhythem.

🔶 Complete the given homework in time.

🔶Actively participates in English PARIPATH in school.

🔶 Always participates in role plays and dramas.

🔶 Constructs simple sentences in English.

🔶 Talks about himself in English.

Talks about the given subject in English


🔶 Listens carefully and follows the instructions.

🔶Uses simple and familier engish in day to day conversations.

🔶 Likes to read simpe English stories in spare time.

🔶 always willing to know meanings of new words.

🔶 Vocabulary is good.

🔶 Writing skill is well developed.

🔶 He speaks in fluently English.

🔶Try to speak in English.

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